About Us

About 3rdEyeCrystals.com

Tiffany and Taylor are sisters who are thrilled to be working together to bring you 3rdEyeCrystals.com. Together they are bringing you beautiful collections of crystals and stone jewelry and other merchandise that can simply make wonderful unique gifts or be used as tools and reminders to be more mindful and positive to help you manifest all your hopes and dreams.  

 Our mission 

3rdeyecrystals.com is here to encourage, inspire, and assist anyone on their journey to enlightenment or simply to help others find and give beautiful gifts. We wish to bring uncommon & unique products to help others tap into their true potential and radiate love and light.

Meet the Founders 

Meet Tiffany 

     For the past 2 years Tiffany has fully submerged herself into studying and working with stones and crystals along with opening up to her own spirituality. Initially Tiffany first started working in a metaphysical (or New Age) shop to absorb some knowledge about stones because she wanted to take up wire wrapping stones to make jewelry.  Unexpectedly Tiffany experienced so much more, she became in touch with her spirituality. With this happening she became more confident and comfortable in her own skin. She learned to heal herself from past negative self-doubt and image. Tiffany grew to love and accept herself better; With this spiritual alignment she found her purpose. In this time, she got certified and attuned to Reiki, along with that she took a course in sacred crystals to discover all the energies and metaphysical healing benefits of each stone. While working in the shops she would often read the books there in her spare time, all stemmed into different religions or spiritualties. Tiffany felt connected and drawn to all kinds of different teachings and beliefs.

     Tiffany realized she wants to help and guide others to accept and love their selves better; so, they can hone in on their full potential and exhibit good energy of light and positivity to the universe. 

Meet Taylor

     Taylor discovered her interest in crystals from visiting a local metaphysical shop. She became infatuated with learning about different stones and their unique attributes. It quickly became a passion that started with simply buying some stones and collecting description cards with their meanings. Taylor feels blessed to share this passion with her sister who has worked in metaphysical shops. This opened the door to dive even deeper into learning about stones, and more. 
   Taylor hopes to help others experience the positivity of using crystals. Each unique piece from 3rd Eye Crystals is made with mindful purpose and intention. Whether you’re spiritual or just attracted to stones, there is meaning to be found.